From Matuschke

20.12.2012 –

Matuschke (Radio Bayern 3) selects my mashup « Sunny, Happy, Easy – Part 2) as « Mashup Of The Year 2012 » in his radio show.

From Adam Sandler

08.02.2011 (USA) / 24.02.2011 (Germany) –

Adam Sandler's new movie « Just Go With It » is released by Sony Pictures. Adam Sandler himself heard my mashup « Can’t Stand Beggin' » (The Police Vs. Madcon) on vacancy in Spain. After it, Sony Pictures asked me to remaster it and released it officially as a part of the movie soundtrack. Success! 

From Cro

07.09.2012 –

Cro and his music label Chimperator Prod. tweet the official Cro mashup album « MAOP », I produced two tracks for it ( + bonus track) . Click on the cover to listen

From Anna F.

09.06.2014 –

Anna F. posts my « DNA (Bite Hard) » mashup on Facebook: « my song « DNA » goes Franz Ferdinand, thanks mr DJ Y alias JY for another great mashup!! #‎dna #‎franzferdinand » . Click on the cover to listen


- Halli Galli Drecksound Guest DJ (Munich)

- Bootie Munich Resident DJ

- Bootie Paris Resident DJ
- Official Football World Cup 2018 DJ for the public viewing (3500 people) @ Nockherberg Munich (Finale FRA / CRO)

- Matuschke’s Lieblingstour Aftershow Guest-DJ 2012 (Radio Bayern 3)

- Host and organizer of the monthly French Kiss Parties  @ Club Regency & Salon Erna (Munich) 1996 - 2007

- M (Matthieu Chedid) - live in Munich / After-Show DJ

- Ariane Cross / Arianespace (Berlin)

- Fête de la Musique (Erlangen)

- Fête de la Musique (Munich)

- Kick Ass (Würzburg)

- Lange Nacht der Musik (Munich)

- Gone Underground Film Premiere (Munich)

- KirchGruppe / Pro7 Christmas parties , DJ-ing with Harald Schmitt, Fritz Egner and Fred Kogel  (Munich)

- Night Art Premiere (Munich)

- French Disco / Sudclub / Alte Mälzerei / Gloria Regensburg (Germany)

- Tour de France-Party Resident DJ (Munich) 2007 - 2017


Regular customers:

- XING Events (Munich)
- Sandoz (Munich)

- Air France Tour Operator (Munich)

- GHM (Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen München)

- Siemens Financial Services (Munich)

- Diakonie Jugendhilfe Bayern (München)

- Ortmannteam (München)

- Cisco Systems (Germany)

- European Patent Office (Munich)

- Deutsche Bank (Munich)

- Compagnons du Beaujolais (Munich)


From Milow

25.09.2013 –

Milow tweets my mashup « Milow Blacc » twice (Youtube video): « Apparently my guitar part for my ‘Ayo Technology’ cover blends very well with Avicii & Aloe Blacc’s ‘Wake Me Up' » .

From Lana Del Rey

31.07.2012 –

Universal Music Germany releases my « Summertime Madness » mashup (Lana Del Rey Vs. Kool and The Gang) as a Promo-Tool (Jazzmoon, Mondmann’s Promotion Pool) for Lana Del Rey’s new single "Summertime Sadness" . Mondmann told me in an e-mail that she really loves it. 

From Anna F. and Lana Del Rey

25.03.2014 –

Anna F. posts my « Friedberg Sadness » mashup on Facebook and Twitter: « wow, thank you so much « DJ Y alias JY » for this great mashup!! LANA DEL REY – « summertime sadness » feat. ANNA F.-« friedberg »…. love it!!!  »

15.05.2014 –

Anna F. posts my « Friedberg Sadness » mashup (Youtube link from her Youtube channel) on Facebook: «  »Lana Del Rey / Anna F. – Friedberg Sadness » i´m so happy about this mashup… really love it!! »

This mashup has been cleared and authorized by the management of Lana Del Rey and Anna F. Success! 

From Moby

02.03.2011 –

Moby likes my « Extreme Ways In The Deep » mashup: « I like a good mashup » and posts it on his homepage, on Facebook and Twitter.

03.03.2011 –

 Moby reposts my « Extreme Ways In The Deep » mashup on his homepage, on Facebook and Twitter saying: « i just cant get over how much i like this. i actually like it more than the original version of ‘extreme ways’. kudos to adele and the dj who put this together » .

15.11.2011 –

Moby tweets my mashup « Extreme Ways In The Deep » with a Youtube link: « i still don’t know who did this, but it’s so good! » .Click on the cover to listen

From M (Matthieu Chédid)

07.04.2013 –

-M- (Matthieu Chedid) retweets my « -M- im Kopf » mashup I made for his aftershow party (concert in Munich): « BRILLIANT » !

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